OSIPI Task Force 6.2: DCE/DSC Challenges

Task force aims

Develop and implement challenges involving DCE/DSC perfusion imaging analysis

Task force description

To compare quantification pipelines for DSC/DCE-MRI in clinical cancer imaging applications. Through these challenges, the performance of DSC-/DCE-MRI perfusion analysis tools developed in-house by the participating groups or the available software packages will be tested and evaluated according to some metrics (eg. bias and precision on DROs, agreement with reference methods in-vivo, reproducibility on in-vivo data, processing time, etc).

Task force leads

Task force members

  • Laura Bell
  • Mohammadreza Alviri
  • Salman Rezaei
  • Moss Zhao
  • Xinze Zhou

Task force status

  • 2020.05.04 Finalizing a 2-year roadmap

  • Task force folder on drive - storage space for public or private documents developed by the task force.
  • Task force slack channel - for discussions between task force members.
  • Task force webpage backend - for information on task force progress, links to public resources, aims, membership, status, etc.