OSIPI Task Force 1.1: ASL software inventory

Task force aims

Create an inventory of open source ASL packages

Task force description

The inventory is aimed at end-users looking for a suitable tool to process their ASL images. The inventory will list available open-source tools, providing information that will help users to select a suitable tool, such as scope of application, methodology, level of validation, licence policy, transparency, user-friendliness, and reviews by other users.

Task force leads

Task force members

  • Udunna Anazodo (Lawson Health Research Institute, London, Ontario, CA)
  • David Thomas (Lenoard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre, London, UK)

Task force status

  • 2020.01.07 Lead confirmed
  • Co-lead confirmed, skyping soon for further planning

  • Task force folder on drive - storage space for public or private documents developed by the task force.
  • Task force slack channel - for discussions between task force members.
  • Task force webpage backend - for information on task force progress, links to public resources, aims, membership, status, etc.